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We are proud and grateful to our team of devoted and dedicated caregivers, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years (and counting). We insist on a high staff to resident ratio. Our staff benefit from consistent on-site training and professional development opportunities. Our workplace is an warm and open environment; we value the expertise and special talents each staff member brings to our homes.

Are you looking for an invigorating and fulfilling work experience. If you are a trained PAB, or in the training process, or have experience with caregiving, this may be the job for you. Our PABS are the heart of our team, providing all aspects of care for our residents including personal hygiene, feeding, and dressing, medication dispensing and general health monitoring. Responsibilities also include interacting with the residents, providing recreational and social activities such as games, discussion groups and outings. Our work environment is warm and supportive; most of our staff have been working with us for more than 10 years. We have daily, weekend and part-time shifts available.

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Volunteering at the Benjamin and Vanda Treiser Maison Shalom is an ideal opportunity to create new connections, foster true friendships and build lifelong skills. Are you friendly and easygoing? .Do you have a special place on your heart for individuals with special needs. Are you looking to share your special skill or talent, hobby or pet?

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Staff testimonials

Testimonial from Eugenia (Jenny) Efthimiopoulos, staff member Recently I celebrated my 31st working anniversary at Maison Shalom!! That alone, speaks volumes. Not only do I consider working at Maison Shalom as the best job anyone can ask for, but it became my second family a long time ago. Going into work to see happy, smiling faces from the residents and from my co-workers was the best part of my day. Although the physical work was hard and challenging sometimes, there were always fun and very rewarding times as well. Going on outings to theater shows, cinemas, restaurants, museums and parks didn't feel like work but more of a family gathering to celebrate special moments. Creating special bonds with the parents, siblings and other family members of the residents was also something I came to appreciate tremendously throughout my 31 years at Maison Shalom

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Testimonial from Mikaela Phung, volunteer

These Zoom calls have been truly amazing. Not only have I gained experience in learning how to create welcoming and engaging activities for the members of the group home, but more importantly I have also had the opportunity to get to know them individually. Especially in our current situation of Covid 19, I have learned that just like any of us right now, the residents of Maison Shalom really enjoy getting the chance to get engaged in social interactions with different people. I think that just a short conversation can make the world of difference in anyone’s day.

Testimonial from Sam Amar, volunteer

Volunteering at Maison Shalom has given me a very special opportunity to connect with the residents. Developing friendships with them has allowed me to learn about the realities that people with disabilities have to face.

Testimonial from Aviva Winterfeld, volunteer

I started volunteering during the Covid pandemic. I am the Shabbat guest; I visit outside in the yard while the residents are on the porch. It is such a joy to sing, say prayers and share stories. It is amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm in the participants. It is such fun for me and lifechanging. Testimonial from Jenna Kliot, volunteer

Being able to Zoom with the residents of Maison Shalom has been a highlight of this crazy year. There are very few things that we can do during lockdown, but I am thankful that this is one of them. Maintaining my relationships with each resident has been so special and rewarding, and it wouldn't have been possible without this technology.

Benjamin & Vanda Treiser Maison Shalom

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