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Our homes also provide respite services to individuals for day visits, overnight stays or extended weekend or weekday stays. This program provides a much-needed break to families who are full-time 24/7 long-term caregivers of an individual with severe needs and for the community members who provide additional. support. The families and communities have a chance to refresh and recharge while the residents in our homes and the respite users enjoy time with new friends. The respite user enjoys the opportunity to interact with peers, participate in the recreational and leisure programs and enjoy a Jewish environment all while having basic health needs met. The respite program can accommodate males and females of all age and is the only Jewish respite service in Montreal and the surrounding area to offer the service to such a wide-ranging population. In addition, the respite program can be the transition for users to become full -time residents at Maison Shalom.

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Testimonial from Tsiona F., parent of a respite user Treiser Maison Shalom has been my daughter Leorie’s best respite. She loves everyone, they take good care of her needs, and when she is not there, she misses everyone including the staff. Leorie is always eager to come for Shabbat. Treiser Maison Shalom is there for me when I need them the most.

Testimonial from Toby Benlolo parent of a respite user The respite program at Maison Shalom provides short- and long-term relief for families of individuals with special needs. In our particular case, this is two-fold; it provides me with short-term breaks that can relieve stress, renew energy and restore a sense of balance to my life, and more importantly, it allows my son to be in a home environment that provides professional caregivers that my son feels very comfortable with. It also allows him to be stimulated with all the actions and programs that this special place has to offer.

Benjamin & Vanda Treiser Maison Shalom

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